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The Archives

SWS Posts
[standing ominously nearby...watching, waiting, planning]
[bringing Eleven to see Theta Sigma] (broken verse)
[on your arm] I looove you.... (broken verse)
[giggles] No, not long...it's com-ing~... (broken verse)
[curled up in Theta's jacket, sleeping] (broken verse)
Shows up at Torchwood, NY (broken verse)
[giggly disturbed laughter] ....not here....nooooo. (broken verse)
[waking up - systems check - location query?]
Lassiter meets a Dalek
[glides in silently, ready to exterminate] Extra: Follow up chase scene with Alyssa, Jack, and the Doctor
Christ-mas is not use-ful. Ex-ter-min-nate! EXTERMINAAAATE!
*in the shadows, watching you quietly*
*locked up in glass case, chained*
*so confused* ....Davros is our creator. Do we send him a card??
This blog is under Da-lek control!
*scanning the skies* ....gone...they are all gone... ...alone.
Daleks only need one word....EXTERMINATE!

SWS Tags
With Nine
League of Villians?
Dalek Doctor
Surprise for Mulder
Fighting with Obi Wan
Daleks meet the Master (plus four and master are hilarious!)
Daleks as minions HA!
Bugging Roy from IT
Ten locked up
Exterminating Christmas
Crack thread with Rose and the Doctor
Alyssa, Jack, and Doctor in the subway
Trying to learn the Master's plans
Boo Alyssa
Capturing Daniel Jackson
Torture scene with Jack Harkness
Crack: worst companion ever
From the dark, talking to Rose [broken verse]
On roof with Theta, enjoying drums [broken verse]
Uses Colin to get to Theta [broken verse]
Caan don't wanna hug from the Doctor [broken verse]
Breaking something of the Doctor's [broken verse]
Dalek WILL hug 11 though for being so amazing
Requesting fic from Third Doctor
Theta singin a song
Fic request from Chocolate Rose
Theta tries his new happy drug on Caan
Caan hugs Davros under influence of happy drug
Caan steals retcon pill from Ianto, he's becoming a regular drug addict
Caan wants chocolate
Wrestling with Broken Amy for more happy drug
Bob jumps into Torchwood Babiez verse
Bob vaporizing the swings, much to Miss Rose's dismay [babiez verse]
Trying to avoid bb!Owen [babiez verse]
Running away from bb!Doctor [babiez verse]
Spraying bb!Gwen clean [babiez verse]
Wose and Gwen gang up on Bob [babiez verse]

Doctor coming to save Amy
Doctor Nine's banana trap
Messing with the comm notifs
Nine and Dalek, deja vu?
Locked up with a Wraith
First Doctor!

Captivity Meme: Dalek
Pajama Party Meme: Doctor
Power Games: Charles Xavier
Captivity Meme: Tenth Doctor