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Silent Running

No one had been in this part of the tunnels for eons, that was for certain. The layers of rust upon dust was evident on all surfaces, even the damp dank walls that slid by each side. No lights, far from the surface. But not quite deserted. A few corroded pieces of equipment nearby had one small light that slowly turned on and faded away repeatedly.

Anything could be hiding in the dark...
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The light on Blonsky's gun skimmed over abandoned equipment as he slowly made his way down the corridor. His shoes gently stirred up the dust on the floor as he moved along, leaving faint footprints behind him. The place would have been like a maze to anyone who didn't pay acute attention to every turn and angle of the hallways here.

He noticed a faint light blinking down the hall and kept the beam of his flashlight pointed down as he slowly moved toward it. Still a fair distance away from it he raised the weapon to point it at the blinking light directly, illuminating the source.
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Normally Blonsky has a rule for not touching computers in places he's been sent. This time however, there was an order to do exactly that. Test the technology, see if anything was operational, and then report back. This far below the surface and due to the composition of the ground, he couldn't even set up signal relay points for a video or audio feed. He'd been happy with going by clearly destroyed or disabled equipment but now he had to try and get a response from something.

With a sigh he shoulders his weapon and turns on a headlamp so he can see better. Clearly there's something more going on here than what he was told, but that seems to be status-quo these days. He looks around briefly, just in case and then hovers a finger over what looks like an input panel. Test #1: tap something and see if anything happens, preferable nothing that tries to kill him.
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Blonsky brushes off his finger as the lights in the hallway hum to life. Instinctively he's reaching for his gun now that he's going to be spotted easily in a place with few true points of refuge. He feels he's tested the panel enough, and lucky that all he seems to have done is lit the place up. He turns off the flashlight, figuring he might as well save the battery in case whatever's powering this place doesn't have the juice to keep it up for the whole time he's been left to explore it.

Cautiously he continues down the hall, his footsteps almost feeling louder as he moves toward the odd-looking robot. It doesn't seem capable of much with its two tiny arms but he stays off to the side anyway as he gets near. He tilts his head slightly as he peers around the edge of the doorway, curious as to why anyone would build something that looks like a dust bin.
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It starts off well enough, even if Blonsky is wary of that title the thing rattles off. That is until it freaks out and starts spouting commands at him. He presses to the wall, only poking the muzzle of his weapon around the lip toward the thing, and carefully peeking around the edge.

"You first." He growls back.
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He stands his ground as it trundles around the corner and he keeps his weapon pointed at it. For all the yelling about extermination he seems rather bold in the face of it.

"Identify yourself!" He shouts right back; he can be loud too.
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Blonsky can't help a faint smirk as the thing screams and makes demands. It sounds more insane than menacing, even as it brings that plunger around to 'threaten' him. He still doesn't budge, keeping his gun aimed at it.

"Place was empty when I got here."